Top 5 Trends for Winter

Winter is now upon us and this means new seasonal trends. There are so many different looks coming and going that it was hard to pick only 5 trends. And while there are many different trends I could talk about, the five I chose are my current favorites and the ones I think will last the whole winter season. The overall themes I am seeing this winter focus on minimalistic and clean outlook on style.

Fresh Face

This term is thrown out so much and makes me so angry. Because it never has one meaning or look. For me this is focused on minimal makeup but velvet looking skin and rosy cheeks. The winter air can be harsh for our skin so in order to acheive the look for a fresh face is to have moisturized and glowing skin

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This fresh face that is being shown on the runways and on social media is centered around having naturally flawless skin and a healthy pink glow on the cheeks. This look has been shown on the Dior, Versace, and of course the Victoria Secrete runway. To achieve a healthy glowing skin for the winter, start with skincare. The winter months are brutal on our skin. The cold weather can cause our skin to dry out and crack as well as to become more sensitive. This in turn will give us the look of very dull and lifeless looking skin when we throw on makeup. Using very hydrating moisturizers and facial toners can bring some life back into the skin. I also rely on balms for the dry areas on my face and lips and let that work into my skin before starting on makeup. Now that the skincare has helped bring life and glow back into the face we don’t always want to ruin that by overloading the skin with foundation and powders. Focus on minimal makeup and glowing cheeks.

Color Me Interested 

Street wear looks and most on trend clothing has been keeping with the minimalistic theme even in the color range. There are a lot of navy and cream colors EVERYWHERE. But one of the significant colors or pop of colors that is being shown a lot is the mustard color. This is not a new trend because it was very popular last year but now it is being shown in a wider range such as in shoes, bags, and pants. There are also new editorial look trends that focus on warm yellow eyeshadows. But if there is ever any time to wear dark colors and be a monochromatic asshole now is the time.

Comfort Chic

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.51.03 PM.pngI don’t know about you but in the winter months I am much more focused on being comfortable and warm. So, as you can imagine I am thrilled that a recent trend is this idea of comfort chic. Sneakers and oversized chunky sweaters are now fashion forward. This is more of a common street style look than runway fashion but none the less it is all over social media and can look very chic. The easiest way to make this go from running the gym to making it fashion forward is more structured and formal pieces. This includes long coats, skirts, and even heels. A Canadian brand I am loving recently Oak and Fort has been showing a lot of this trend. So, go on and wear your college sweatshirt and sneakers!

Bag Belts or Fany Packs

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.52.15 PM

Never thought we would live to see the day that fanny packs came back into style and are even trendy. But they have gotten a makeover and have been re-branded into “bag belts”, they are still fanny packs. With that said I think they can look extremely fashionable especially with the amount I have seen available from brands! If you want to add this trend into your winter wardrobe I think this trend works best when kept simple. The way I love this trend seen out in streetstyle is to synch the waist with a bag belt when over sized or bulky clothing is worn. This used to be a horrific accessory worn by parents on a vacation and now it’s a fashion forward item seen everywhere. Funny how these things change but fashion is meant to shock us.

Textures and Trenches

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 11.00.08 PM

Jackets are obviously a necessity for winter. Though this itself is not a trend the same style and structure jacket has been shown on runways everywhere and in many street styles. The structured long and cropped coats are everywhere! I wanted to include this personally because I think they look amazing, but also go with the whole look of the clean, minimalistic even editorial look that has been seen a lot recently. These are also very versatile pieces because they go with formal looks to very casual looks. Another brand that I love, & Other Stories, has some of the most amazing jackets that go with this theme.

As always there are plenty more trends out there for winter these 5 are just the ones that I love, and I have been seeing a lot of recently. These are also so easy to implement into your winter wardrobe and many of these trends center around items that are already in our closets. The key things these trends follow are having a minimalistic editorial feel.

x Happy Winter 

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