Learning to Love What We Have

yellow petaled flower beside mirror

Are you satisfied with how you look? Well look no farther bc neither am I.

oval brown wooden framed hanging mirror

People are constantly striving to look and feel a certain way.  We see people on social media, tv, films, and magazines that follow a certain ideal of cultural beauty and find something about them to negatively compare ourselves with.

For so many years I have looked in the mirror and though, if only I had a smaller this or a bigger that, then I would look just right.

I always looked in the mirror and thought my face was too big or my nose was too wide and though that I had those things corrected I would be perfect. But the only thing that would change is that I would wake up the next day and think how my lips are uneven or my eyes to misshapen.

woman standing beside shore holding mirror on her back

Even the most beautiful women in the world have things about themselves they don’t love or they would change. It isn’t about becoming satisfied with the way we look is learning to love what we have and that being unique is beautiful. We should always be striving to better ourselves but we need to do it in a producive way and not be so negative and degrading to ourselves.

Yes I really understand that this sounds like a load of bs and is way easier said than done. But every one should try to come to terms with the fact that the things they don’t love about themselves makes them unique.

You and I may not love everything about ourselves but during this holiday be thankful for what we have. Because what we have is beautiful.

x Happy Thanksgiving