Payday Wishlist

Payday Wishlist

Who doesn’t love the idea of blowing a whole paycheck on clothes. There is so much excitement and anticipation waiting for a package to arrive in the mail full of new clothes. And there is no better weight than the one we get from carrying bags of new clothes from store to store. This isn’t always realistic but its fun to dream of having the paycheck to spend on whatever clothing we want.

I have put together a few of my favorite pieces on some of my favorite websites and even a few expensive pieces that will stay on my wishlist for many years. These items follow the current trends for the fall and winter as well as items that are staples that any closet needs.

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This brand is fairly new to me but since I have looked to them in search of the perfect signature piece in a wardrobe as well as staple pieces. The price of the clothing is within the moderate to high price range but the clothing quality is well worth the price. 

  • Topshop

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This is an online shop that carries different brands as well as their own. I can always count on Topshop to have what every type of clothing or trend I am looking for. There is a very big price range due to there being different brands available on the site. The one problem I do find on Topshop is that while there are so many options for clothing the quality can sometimes be lacking.

  • Madewell

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I continue to look to made well for amazing quality jean products. The quality of the clothing at Madewell is also amazing and has a lot of different styles. They also have some of the best sales or discounts. I would also recommend this brand to people who need new pieces for work or the office.

  • Lucky Brand

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Like Madewell, Lucky Brand has amazing quality jean products as well as leather products. They also have amazing sales where products are about 40% off. The overall Lucky Brand vibe is more western or boho and not really my style but they continue to have quality pieces.

  • Others

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These are a few special pieces that I have had my eye on for a long time. These pieces are very on trend and would cost me more than one paycheck! Victoria Beckham’s clothing brand is by far my favorite, everything she puts out is absolutely stunning. Her shoes have this unique shape and were one of the first pieces she came out with. Strathberry is a British company that makes high quality bags, they have unique and stunning bags.

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Top 5 Trends for Fall

Top 5 Trends for Fall

With the air starting to cool down and dreaded thought of switching our summer closet to our fall and winter closets we can start to decide how to make our clothing for the cooler months more on trend. These are are a few of my current favorite trends that I am seeing in popular streetwear looks and on the runway. All of these trends are things that everyone can incorporate into their wardrobe.

The Editorial look:

The editorial look is the makeup trends that come from the runway and I think can be flattering and wearable. Almost all runway makeup looks need to be fast enough to apply that makeup artists can quickly have the girls and guys on the runway. These looks also tend to be minimalistic and work for every face shape and skin tone. Having one strong feature like strong eye or lip and keeping everything else almost bare is on trend going into fall or winter.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 4.25.34 PM

A strong winged eye look is coming back into style but it is now being created with eye shadow. This can be seen in the makeup artist Pat McGrath’s makeup look for recent Versace and Burberry shows. McGrath used a shimmer eyeshadow and a pink balm on the lips to create this look.

Another look that always is a staple look for fall and continues to be seen a lot is a very strong and bold lip with a minimal glossy eye lid. This is also a look that looks as if you put more effort into your look then perhaps you did. Rimmel Kate Moss red lipsticks continue to be some of my favorite formulas and are very affordable.

The last look that has been seen a lot recently is all about ditching the eyebrows and focusing on building up the eye lashes and lots of pink blush. This trend is seen again by Pat McGrath’s makeup look for the recent Prada show. This looks are minimalistic but chic and can be easy to incorporate into any everyday makeup look.

Leather and Vinyl:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.06.10 PM.png

These typically thought of rocker style materials are making there way back into peoples wardrobes. But believe it or not these materials are now becoming more versatile pieces. They can be paired with a white button down, oversized sweater and loafers for a posh menswear inspired look.

The 70’s are coming back in style and deep mustard orange vinyl pants and boots can add style and color to a fall wardrobe. This look is being shown on the runways as well in many different street style looks. There are so many price ranges we can now find faux or real leather and vinyl clothing So no matter what price range you are shopping in this trend can make its way into your closet.

Nude Notes:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.09.19 PM

As previously said the 70’s style is coming back and one way we can see this is the full nudes and brown toned outfits all over the runway. The look of nude tight fitting spandex clothing can be seen all over instagram and many street style looks thanks to the Yeezy brand.

But this look has now merged into looks from brands like Burberry with their trench coats and fitted pants in the same tone. These monotoned looks are not the easiest thing to pull off. But by mixing different textures and materials in the same nude tones this look can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe.

Business or Pleasure:

Whether we like it or not rocking a power suit is now on trend. Now almost every brand has a full suit and in many different styles and colors! Whether or not it is an expansive suit one way to make it look more expensive is spending a few extra bucks to have it properly tailored.

Now not every occasion or job is acceptable to wear a full power suit. But different style dress pants and blazers are on the market so this is one of the easiest trends to add into your wardrobe. Cigaret pants, flared, and ornate dress pants can be paired with graphic t-shirts or blouses and sneakers to heals.

Blazers are coming back into streetwear and office style. A fitted or oversized blazer can make a good pair of jeans look more pulled together and trendy.

Like most on trend pieces, blazers and dress pants can be seen from so many brands in different materials and styles that there is a good range of prices.

Strong Accessories:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.13.39 PM.png

Having a few key statement accessories can often be the easiest way to make an outfit more on trend. Lots of ornate gold pieces are a theme for fall fashion. This can be incorporated through belts and jewelry or gold accents on bags and clothing.

Another fairly new trend is the use of silk scarves in an outfit. This is worn either on the head or around the neck. The best thing about any of these is accessories is that by wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, boots and pairing either a gold statement piece or a silk scarf the outfit looks effortlessly trendy.


Happy Fall