5 Party Looks for Under $100

5 Party Looks for Under $100

The holiday season is upon us and there are so many parties and occasions I need to find outfits for. On top of that I have spent a lot of money on gifts for friends and family as well as student loans! So, like many people I have to find a few new outfits that will be kind to my bank account. So I have put together a few outfits for different occasions and budgeted each outfit at $100.

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This first outfit I would associate with a more formal holiday party. I personally love this outfit, it is classic and sophisticated but wicked fun with the clutch. This outfit is completed with simple earings and a glossy lip to create this stunning look. The dress and shoes I both found on Forever 21. The bag is from ASOS, earings from H&M and the lip gloss is Milani! 

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This second outfit I would associate more with a work party. Jumpsuits are flattering on everyone and so many stores have these in different styles! I didn’t want this to look uncoordinated to I stuck with silver accents and accessories and circular shaped. The only color in this outfit would be peeking out from the shoes. I think this looks is tied together with some highlighter on the cheekbones and on the collar bones. The dress, bag, and highlighter are all from ASOS. The shoes from Forever 21 and the earings from Charming Charlies.

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This outfit is a show-then-tell dress and more of a going out or New Years. This is also an outfit dupe for Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday for under $100. I personally think this is so fun and hope people are bold enough to wear this. The dress is from Pretty Little Things the shoes are from Forever 21 and the bag from Romwe.

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This party outfit is slightly more casual and I picked for a family christmas party. This is actually very similar to what I am planning to wear for my own family christmas party. I don’t have a lot to say about this outfit because its pretty standard with a mini skirt and sweater but I included some fun features like a silver bag and topping off the look with some sparkle on the eyes. The skirt and sweater are from ASOS. The bag and shoes are from Forever 21. Earings from Charming Charlies and the eyeshadow is Wet and Wild.

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The last party look is for everyone who isn’t quite sure what the dress code is, and for the people who don’t want to look too casual or too dressy. This party looks still brings the holiday spirit without looking too dressy or too casual. This one is finished with an iridescent blush for a pop of color to this otherwise pretty monochromatic outfit. The blazer and pants are from H&M. Shoes from Forever 21 the bag from Romwe. The earings are from Madewell and the blush is NYX.

You can still manage to have amazing holiday looks for under $100! Be creative and have fun!

Happy Holidays X

Payday Wishlist

Payday Wishlist

Who doesn’t love the idea of blowing a whole paycheck on clothes. There is so much excitement and anticipation waiting for a package to arrive in the mail full of new clothes. And there is no better weight than the one we get from carrying bags of new clothes from store to store. This isn’t always realistic but its fun to dream of having the paycheck to spend on whatever clothing we want.

I have put together a few of my favorite pieces on some of my favorite websites and even a few expensive pieces that will stay on my wishlist for many years. These items follow the current trends for the fall and winter as well as items that are staples that any closet needs.

  • & Other Stories

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This brand is fairly new to me but since I have looked to them in search of the perfect signature piece in a wardrobe as well as staple pieces. The price of the clothing is within the moderate to high price range but the clothing quality is well worth the price. 

  • Topshop

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This is an online shop that carries different brands as well as their own. I can always count on Topshop to have what every type of clothing or trend I am looking for. There is a very big price range due to there being different brands available on the site. The one problem I do find on Topshop is that while there are so many options for clothing the quality can sometimes be lacking.

  • Madewell

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I continue to look to made well for amazing quality jean products. The quality of the clothing at Madewell is also amazing and has a lot of different styles. They also have some of the best sales or discounts. I would also recommend this brand to people who need new pieces for work or the office.

  • Lucky Brand

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Like Madewell, Lucky Brand has amazing quality jean products as well as leather products. They also have amazing sales where products are about 40% off. The overall Lucky Brand vibe is more western or boho and not really my style but they continue to have quality pieces.

  • Others

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These are a few special pieces that I have had my eye on for a long time. These pieces are very on trend and would cost me more than one paycheck! Victoria Beckham’s clothing brand is by far my favorite, everything she puts out is absolutely stunning. Her shoes have this unique shape and were one of the first pieces she came out with. Strathberry is a British company that makes high quality bags, they have unique and stunning bags.

x Happy Shopping