Airport Travel Tips

I have been on many flights in my life. I continue to be
grateful to my mother for working hard for over thirty years as a flight attendant so I have the ability to travel around the world. So with that said I think that I am well versed in traveling by airplane.

Over the years I have broken my airport outfit into important features. Warmth, comfort, and style. A white or black comfortable cotton tee shirt, jeans, and a nice over sized blazer. Depending on how long the flight is I think its important to have a few things to change into if needed. A thin pair of sweatpants or leggings, warm socks, and a sweatshirt can all fit in a carry on bag or backpack.

I think one thing that most people can agree in is that we almost always feel gross after a flight. There are a few things I do for myself that have work for me and make me feel a little better after a flight.

The first thing I always do to prepare my seem obvious but stay hydrated! Before the flight and during the flight. People don’t realize how much air travel can dehydrate the human body. The reduced oxygen levels and low humidity can make a person loose up to 8% of their body water on a 10 hour flight. So CHUG, CHUG, CHUG! Before and during the flight.

people inside commercial air plane

During flights we tend to consume so many calories just from sitting, watching movies, and eating gross foods in the airport or airplane. This ends up making me feel really bad about myself once I walk off the airplane. Bringing pre-made foods onto the plane that are healthier options, eat foods with lower salt content and unhealthy fats, and don’t eat because you are bored (drink water instead)!

If you are a person who gets motion sickness on planes then hopefully you know to bring your nausea pills. But don’t be afraid to let the flight attendants know you are not feeling well. They will do everything they can to make you comfortable. Ask for ginger ale and crackers and try to sleep through it.

Personally I am someone who finds it so hard to sleep on a plane unless I am extremely exhausted. Most of the time sleeping pills don’t work on me or I get worried about taking them on a flight that isn’t too long. If I know I should sleep on a plane to benefit my future self then I change into more comfortable clothes and good socks as well as bring my own eye mask. Tea is always available on flights and can be soothing or if you are old enough wine is also available on flights.

gray airliner

Finally I usually travel with face wipes and moisturizer in my carry ons. Before landing to refresh my face I clean my skin because there is so much bacteria on planes that can cause breakouts. The Burts Bee’s grapefruit face wipes are currently my favorite and they are refreshing. I am a believer in skincare so I bring a hydrating moisturizer in my carry-on as well. I also started to bring under eye masks for longer flights and they have made a big difference. Finally if you want you can add makeup to your comfort level.

P.S. Fight Attendants love it if you bring them treats like candy. They will remember you!

Safe Travels